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I would strongly encourage everyone not to order from Sheer Cover. They charged my credit card the exact same amount 3 times in one week. When I called to complain I was told it wasn't a mistake, and that I was charged early for a future shipment, and there was nothing that could be done about it. I found that to be very unprofessional so I cancelled my account the next day. This happened around... Read more

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Have used wen shampoo 15 months ago regularly made my hair feel really soft then it became very itchy and little bumps starting coming on my scalp went to dermatologist had a scalp biopsy found nothing still taking antihistamines daily had lost all my hair gradually growing again now have been very depressed about my hair then read your article on wen shampoo. Have been driven mad scalp is very... Read more

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I was receiving shipments from SC about every three or four months. Well, when I went to cancel about two months ago, it took me over half an hour to get the woman from costumer service to let me cancel. She argued with me and told me I could change how often I receive the shipments, but that wasn't what I wanted. So finally when she tells me she'll cancel the account, she tells me that I still... Read more

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I have been baling with thus company for almost a YEAR now. I got my starting kit, didn't care for the makeup and so I cancelled my order. A month later, another box showed up on my porch. By the time I got around to calling, I could not return the makeup. So it sat in my garage as 3 more payments left my account. 3 months after my last payment, another payment mysteriously left my account. When... Read more

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Sheer cover sent me product after I called and asked them to stop. I followed their instructions to return it to them, at my expense for shipping and handling! Did I mention for product I didn't want? Then they call to harass me. I tell them that I have the tracking number, with the date, time, place, name of person who signed for it; they say its not their department. I have to call another... Read more

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Placed an order with Wen and Sheer Cover. They have an automatic re-order set up unless you cancel, which I did. They withheld funds from my checking account which created overdraft charges. I called and they said the order had been canceled and my account was no longer active. Several days later I get a Sheer Cover order, which I didn't order. My account once again went into overdrawn... Read more

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I asked to be cancelled a few Months. The person from sheer coverage was very difficult to understand. But I was assured I would not receive or be charged for any future shipments. My accout was closed. Today I saw a charge on my account for $32.94. I called you again. Monica says she will close my account AGAIN!!!!!!!!! When I receive product I must use a sticker which I will receive in 4 to... Read more

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Ordered a set of Sheer Cover makeup for around £24 which was what I wanted. A month or so later I received another package of make up and was told they were taking £95 for this. I never ordered £95 worth of make up as I think that is ridiculous, I told them to cancel this and not to send me anything ever again. I thought this was the end of it until I received a letter stating that it was the 3rd... Read more

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To begin with, I love my Sheer Cover products. It is the best I have ever used and I have used them all. It does not even feel like I am wearing anything. My complaint is that every time I call, which is NOT how I like to order my product, I am told a different story. I used to be able to go online, look at products, click what I want in my next shipment----Great! so simple. Now, there is no way... Read more

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Poor customer service. I called in for create a kit and to send it now. Two weeks later I called to find it never shipped. Tried again to place my order and they didn't have half of the things I needed in stock and some items discontinued. It's to bad, really liked sheer cover makeup. May have to switch to another company where I can get the products I need when I want them. Add comment

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